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Guide for Quick Neopoints
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The Official **~^~**Blessed Be Thy Way**~^~**
Guide to Making a Million

Welcome to the Guide! By following the tips outlined here, you can expect to make around a MILLION NEOPOINTS each month, depending on how much time you spend on Neopets.

This guide assumes you have some neopoints and a shop already, but if you don't, there are many things you can do for free.


As soon as you get on Neopets each day, you need to do the following things. It's best to do the Healing Springs last, just in case you get burned by the Wheel of Excitement or Snowager.

National Neopian Bank - Collect your interest right away! Don't deposit or withdraw any neopoints before you do this, or you'll lose your interest. At the end of each day, put ALL your neopoints into the bank before midnight NST, so you will get more interest the next day! The Fruit Machine (once a day)
Tiki Tack Tombola Man (once a day) Giant Omelette (once a day)
Coltzans Shrine (once a day) Snowager
Wheel of Excitement (once every two hours) Healing Springs (once every hour or so)


Action Games
These cost nothing to play. Go through every game, and put the ones you like or are pretty good at into your favorites list. Send your scores on each one of them THREE TIMES A DAY. Its free neopoints! Here's a few pointers:

Extreme Herder
The trick to this game is getting back up to the upper left corner after completing each round. Balthazar comes in at this corner, so if youre already there, you can save the petpets that are getting too close to him. Be sure to use the orange speed orbs and the snowflakes that freeze Balthazar for a few seconds.

Techo Says
Keep a pencil and paper handy, and write down these letters for each pet that pops up: C for Chia, K for Kacheek, M for Mynci, Mo for Moehog, B for Blumaroo, Q for Quiggle. You can get pretty far that way, by just adding a new letter each time.

Dubloon Disaster
Pick up the coins, watch out for the heatseeking bombs. They will also explode if they run into EACH OTHER, so use this to your advantage! I usually try to have no more than two bombs on the screen at any time.

Bumper Cars
You do more damage to cars that YOU hit than what they do to you. Ramming them head-on, I believe, does the most damage. Do not hit the walls!

Meerca Chase
You may recognize this game as "Snake". You must pick up all neggs that are NOT red (the red ones will kill you). As you pick up more and more, your tail will grow longer- be sure you don't hit your tail, the walls, or a red negg! I suggest at least trying to play this on its highest speed. It's very, very hard, but if you can conquer it, you get MANY more points than at the lowest speed.

Remember those games at Chuck E. Cheese where you hit the gopher with the mallet? Same concept. Just don't hit the cute fuzzy characters. You have to be VERY quick in this one.

This is just like Space Invaders. You start out pretty slow, and then your speed increases as the swarm gets closer. Be sure of which powerups you're getting (you DON'T want a larger tank, or slower speed!).

"FEED FLORG" - On feed florg tape down one of the arrows. I got over 1000 points.


Poogle Solitaire
It costs only 15np, and you can win 750np back! CHEATER!

Pyramids - play to 5000 each day- This is a classic game, and very easy to play, but difficult to win. It costs 50np to play, but you can EASILY make those up during the game, and almost always make a profit, so be sure you play this game until it tells you that you can't win any more NP that day.

Sakhmet Solitaire - play to 5000 each day- This is the same game you play on Windows, Vegas-style. Again, easy to make up the 50np cost. Scarab 21 - play to 5000 each day- If you've played Tornado 21 on Yahoo! Games, you know this one. Another 50np moneymaker.


The book shop: you can mostly get books for 200-300 np there. BUY them. The greates majority of the books can be sold for over 500, 600 np. However, you have to be quick. When you haggle, don't type the exact number the shopkeeper asks for, but the one you can enter as quickly as possible, like 222 or 333. (even if that is slightly higher, you can get the profits of several hundred neopoints, if you're quick enough to get the book). CHECK the prices with shop wizard before you put the books in your shop, some might be worthy over 1000 np. And the last tip: DON'T buy any books that are priced over 400 np. They are usually worth less.


Go to the Shop Wizard and type in "Fire Mote". You see a list of people and prices. Check the lowest price- it may be around 550np. The one above it might be 600np. Great, you say, I can make 50np off this! BUT WAIT! Try this: hit "refresh" on your browser. You see a NEW list of prices, and this time, the lowest price is 525. Refresh a few more times, and you see the lowest prices may change between about 500 and 650np. Let's say you see one for 450. BUY IT, but ONLY if it is at least 50np less than the average lowest price. Put it in your shop now for 10np LESS than the lowest average price. This means you get a profit of about 50 or 100np. It doesnt seem like much now, but if you buy as many motes as you can afford, and then sell them for 10 or 20np lower than the lowest shop wizard value, it adds up VERY quickly. MANY PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE THIS, so they often advertise their items as being the "cheapest on the wiz," but if you know this trick, you can never be fooled.


NOTE: The values on these items change often! This list will not be updated every time, so I suggest you do this: open up a simple text program like Notepad, and copy this list into it. When you go searching for items, and see that the value is different than what is listed here, change it on your list. That way, you can quickly open up your list each day and know what the items are worth!

This is a list of ROUGH VALUES of some very important items. All of these have high resale value because people are constantly looking for them and then using them (this means that, although there have been a lot, if people use them, they dont exist anymore, which keeps them from getting too common and losing their value).

Dark Faerie - 3100
Earth Faerie - 3000-3100
Light Faerie - 2950-3000
Fire Faerie - 3000-3100
Water Faerie - 3000
Air Faerie - 2950-3000

MOTES - Motes have flip-flopped their prices recently! Motes that were worth very little are now worth a lot, and motes that used to be worth a lot are now only worth a little. Pay close attention to the shop wizard, since the prices listed here might not be correct.
Salt Mote - 425
Smoke - 550-600
Fire - 800
Ash - 2000
Dust - 1500
Snow - 3000
Mud - 4300
Hail - 3100
Rock - 4400
Frost - 1800
Ice - 4800
Water - 4800
Lava - 4700-4800
Bubble - 2100
If youre on a fast connection, another great place to get motes is the Magic Shop, but ONLY the ones that are worth thousands of NP are usually worth getting. Youll lose money if you spend 1000np on a Salt Mote thats only worth 420np, so be sure to use this chart.

CODESTONES - These have recently gone up quite a bit!
Vo - 4250-4300
Tai-Kai - 4200
Lu - 2950
Mau - 4200
Main - 4450
Bri - 4300
Eo - 4200-4300
Har - 4400
Orn - 4200
Zei - 4300
NOTICE that the Lu Codestone is only worth about 2900, NOT 4200 like the others. Dont let anyone fool you by telling you that theyre selling a codestone for only 3500np because they likely mean the Lu. Theyre ripping you off.

Race to Riches - 900
Terror Trove - 900
Faeries Fortune - 1450
Peak o Plenty - 10900
Icetravaganza - 92000
Now heres something you can make good money off of. Every two hours, you can go to the Scratchcard Kiosk and buy a scratchcard for only 600np. As you can see, scratchcards are worth AT LEAST 800np, so you can sell them for 10np less than what theyre worth, and someone will probably buy it within an hour. Thats an easy 190np (at least) right there, and you can do this EVERY TWO HOURS!

One - 3350
Two - 3200
Five - 9450
Ten - 12800
Twenty - 25000
Fifty - 65000
One Hundred - unbuyable (over 100,000np)
Five Hundred - unbuyable
One Thousand - unbuyable